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Worship Today

Here were the songs used;

1. Forever

2. The Lord Riegns

3. Jesus What a Beautiful Name

4. Turn Your Eyes On Jesus

5. More Love, More Power

6. Draw Me Close

7. I Give You My Heart

8. Breathe

9. Let It Rain

The message this morning was on the life of Saul. Saul started out well but ended his life completely out of God’s will. You can read his story in I Samuel. His problem was that he chose to do things his way instead of God’s way. It was rare that he sought God on any of his decisions. When he messed up he blamed others or gave other excuses for his actions. In contrast David was a man that often sought God before he did anything and when He messed up he accepted the consequences and repented before the Lord.

How many of us look to excuse our actions? When things go wrong, is your first reaction to  to blame someone else? Or do you search your own heart first? When it comes to your decisions, do you seek if it’s God’s will before you decide? Good questions to leave you with this Sunday.


Comments on: "Worship Today" (5)

  1. Unknown said:

    Hello. You don\’t know me, but the name of your msn space captured my attention. =) I\’m thirteen and i live in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I\’m a fellow worshiper and i just wanted to say how proud i am that someone isn\’t afraid to show their faith! Good luck with your journey with the Lord and Savior!! PS I love hillsong United!! :)~Tamara

  2. xCicix said:

    I love that u have such faith good job Im proud to like the other gal said go you! You rock. Its ppl like you that make my day thanks for bein a good person and supportin the lord.. U also do not know me im cici from canada ONTARIO later cool guy.

  3. Carswell said:

    Greetings In The Name Of Jesus, Well my friend i must say what a blessing it is to see that there are others out there seeking the lost. I have to tell you brother that i feel truly blessed to have come across your space. Keep following the Lords leading and keep up the great work. May the Lord bless you and keep you and yours safe. God Bless, ~ The Pastor One Love, One God, One Way

  4. hey, i like the site… keep praising God with all ur heart, he\’s comming soon, keep loving Him, make sure he\’s your number one priority… God BlessDan P. 15

  5. Joshie_Poshie said:

    hello, This is a great site! I\’m glad your not afraid to show your faith to the world! I have a Christian band dveoted to getting the message through of Gods glory to the people of my town, we are hoping to play are first show next open night at our school! we will most likely be playing either "one way" (the hillsong united version), "what if his people prayed" by "Casting Crowns", "yes lord" by "Casting Crowns" or "this is a call" by "Thousand foot krutch" (a Christian alternative band, this paticular song has some great messages and i really enjoy it). God bless

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