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Busy Sunday

Well it was a busy day, but overall it was a great day. Being with God’s family is always great. I want to make a habit of posting the songs we do here every Sunday.

1. Blow the Trumpet in Zion

2. For the Lord Is Marching On

3. I Want to See Jesus Lifted High

4. Faithfull One

5. All Heaven Declares 

6. We Fall Down

7. I Saw the Lord

8. Holy, Holy, Holy

9. Glorify Thy Name

I felt the Lord telling me to keep it simple this morning, not to complicate things. Just to let His Spirit move. Our worship always lasts for at least an hour or more. Praise and worship is not something that needs to be rushed. We need to take the time to come into God’s presence. It prepares our hearts for the Word. I have been in churches were the worship just seems to be so rushed or is constrained by time. Who are we to put God in a box. We have these preconcieved notions that our service should be a certain way and thats it. What if God was to break into your church service and cause the worship to go on for hours. Would you be one of those who would be upset that your schedule was messed up? What if the worship got so intense that the pastor couldn’t even bring the Word. How far are you willing to go to let God take control of your time and your world? It’s something to think about.


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